NSX-T Data Center 2.4 Management and Control Plane agents

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As in the previous article I have illustrated about the NSX-T DC 2.4 management plane and Central control plane which is now conversed into one nsx manager node.

MPA (Management Plane Agent): This agent is located on each transport node which communicate with the NSX manager

NETCPA:  It provides communication between central control plane and the hypervisor.

The management plane and the central control plane (CCP) run on same virtual appliance but they perform different functionality and will cover about they technical aspects below.

The NSX cluster can scale to max of 3 NSX manager nodes run on the management and CCP.

Communication process

The nsx-mpa agent on transport node get communicated with NSX manager over Rabbitmq channel which is on port 5671

Now, the CCP communicate with transport node through nsx-proxy through port 1235

The task of NSX manager is to push the config to the CCP. The CCP configures the dataplane through nsx-proxy, which is one of the component of LCP (Local control plane)

*MPA ( Management Plane Agent)
*NETCPA (Network Control Plane Agent)
*CCP (Central Control Plane)
*LCP (Local Control Plane) 

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