NSX T: control plane

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I am using NSX T for a while but I still do not know how it works in the background.

it makes me uncomfortable by clicking on GUIs and nsx t makes everything working.


So NSX experts please help me to clarify something:

1. NSX-T is using Geneve as a overlay protocol, but after searching I found it is a pure overlay protocol.

    while it seems NSX-T does not have any specific control protocol.

    what I mean is Cisco is using evpn or lisp to sync mac address or arp details from vtep to controller.

    but NSX-T just seems to have a tcp connection between LCP and CCP. So for each vmware host, there will be

    a tcp connection to CCP(port 1345). won’t it cause problem for the whole system, as too many tcp connections will

   consumes CPU.

2. how is LCP update arp, mac and vtep details to CCP and vase versa.

    for a new vm starting online, will LCP includes it mac address and IP address in one packet and update to ccp or in seperate


    Is lcp updating to CCP frequently or it is triggered by a online VM or both. and what about CCP syncs its database to all other LCPs.





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