NSX-T 3.0 Design Suggestion

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Hello Experts, Here is the point of discussion.


Customer wants to segregate the NS and EW traffic in NSX-T env and had enough 10 gig pnics available. We had proposed following.


2 for – VDS (mgmnt,vmotion)

2 for – NVDS1 – for workload VM’s

2 for – NVDS2 – for DMZ workload ….


But in this design, Edge VM will sit on Host NVDS and will consume 2 nics for overlay as well as N-S.


If we design it as per the customer requirement, its like going back to old 2.4 edge VM design where Edge had multiple nvds and was possible to assign individual pnics for e-w and n-s using named teaming policy. This design is still possible in 2.5 & 3.0, however pnics assigned to N-S traffic on the host where there is no edge VM, will be ideal until an edge vm moves to that host..? so what is the point in keeping pnics unused..?


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