NSX-T 3.0 ability to prefer route

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    Hello Everyone,


I’m pretty new to NSX-T and wanted to ask a question about being able to controll Egress on NSX-T. We are in the middle of deploying NSX-T with a vendor and he thinks that something must have changed between 2.5 and 3.0 that is causing inability to control egress point with NSX-T route maps


Here is the scenario;


We have two sites Site A and Site B, one vCenter 7 and our clusters are stretched meaning they have stretched storage and contain hosts both from site A and Site B. We have deployed one Tier0 and one Tier1 with 4 Edge nodes two per site and used affinity rules to pin them to specific site. Everything is working great and we have successful networking between segments and other networks beyond NSX however the problem is that we would like to be able to control the egress point. Our vendor used route maps and we played with weights and prepending none of that seemed to have effect which way we are egressing. There are no services running on them besides routing.


For example, today we are egressing through site A, in order to egree through site B we need to power off or restart Edge nodes in Site A then the egress point changes to Site B and stays there even after Site A nodes come back up. Now to switch it back we need to do the same to edge nodes on Site B and then it switches back to Site A.


Not sure we we are just asking for too much but we would like to be able to control it. Is there any way to accomplish this?


We started to have internal conversations if we should actually even bother and maybe just simply let it go whichever way it wants but I’ve figured that I can ask here and see what everyone thinks. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if any screenshot is needed. Thank you in advance

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