NSX-T – NTP Sync from Edges and Managers to Windows DC

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Hello folks,


I am facing a sync issue with a NTP Server hosted in a Windows Domain Controller.


If i log into the Edges or the NSX Managers as root and run timedatectl, I can see that the NTP server sync is on and pointing to the Domain Controller.


Furthermore if I run ntpq and list the peers i can see that is there but using the RFID as .LOCL. If i look into the associationID i can see that the server is rejecting the sync. Related to network connectivity this is a plain L2 segment without Microsegmentation on it.


From here I need to ask, is there any specific that needs to be configured on the Windows NTP Server for the services to sync with it? Also is it possible to specify the Edges and NSX Manager to sync with ESXi Host (I assume here if you leave the NTP Configuration empty it will pick the time using the VMware Tools Guest sync functionality but I am not 100% sure)


Any ideas?

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