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Hello folks,


I am dealing with the “deletion in progress” status in multiple objects such as Segments and Tier-0. I went over every single place on the NSX-T Global Interface and to each local region but i cannot find any relationship with these objects and it is saying that they are already deleted but they are still in the UI.


I went over the API Reference guide to look for maybe some orphaned existing relationships between the objects but i could not find anything. I went over:


  • Logical Routers
  • Locale Services
  • Logical Ports
  • Interfaces
  • Switch ports


If i try to get the information from the objects using the header “include_mark_for_delete_objects” on the API Calls i can see that the objects are still there and when i try to delete them with force options or using X-Allow-Overwrite=true (For policy objects) it just says that the object does not exists.


Any ideas?

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