NSX-T 2.5.0 VM network connectivity not functional after machines provisioned by vRA 8.1 or Horizon 7.12

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Wondering if anyone else has seen this. This is a VCF 3.9.0 environment so vSphere 6.7U3


During provisioning of VMs through vRealize Automation 8.1 or Horizon 7.12 vSphere VMs network connections are broken…




vSphere VM object shows the NIC as connected, disconnecting and reconnecting this from vSphere makes no difference to the problem. The VMtools shows the NICs with APIPA addresses from vCenter


Guest OS shows ‘Media Disconnected’ in Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016!


NSX-T shows the ports as operational state down!? If you admin down the ports and then admin up the ports. The machines connect to the network and operational status goes green. The guest NIC is then working.


When provisioning a 6 VM blueprint, one or two of the VMs will be in this state. Same thing with a Horizon View pool (although we have worked around this issue by using a different Template for each pool connected to the respective segment needed for that pool.


Seems entirely unreliable.


I hope NSX-T 2.5.1 will fix these issues.



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