NSX Intelligence Upgrade experience

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Upgrading NSX intelligence is not the most straight-forward process. Here’s experience I’ve had and how to overcome them: How to use IIS to host the .NUB upgrade bundle As part of the upgrade, you need to “host” the *.nub or upgrade bundle to a local webserver so the appliance can pick it off. I only had IIS running in my environment so I had to use it. Now, for IIS to work – you need to add the following mime-type so it would know how to handle the *.nub extension. Add this mime-type in IIS server. If you don’t you’ll be getting file-not found when accessing the file After uploading and when you try to verify the upgrade bundle You might get the following error This is because you need to remove the *.nub from the file. This was not clearly stated on the official docs. The rest is straightforward. Official upgrade document here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-T-Data-Center/2.5/upgrade/GUID-E6A6E66A-21F9-4962-857C-F9E4322C056F.html

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