not able to update packages imported in v4 by the App Volumes Migration Utility Fling

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I wonder if someone face that issues with imported packages from v2 to v4 using AppVolumes Migration Utility Fling.

Here is what I discover.

I was able to migrate all of my packages and they show up correctly in v4 using the tool.  If I attach the package to the Packaging machine and do some updates as soon as not rebooting the machine everything is fine. If I reboot all applications are gone from add/remove program. All shortcuts of the applications on a desktop and start menu are there. If I finish the packaging in Manager I see the new package with 0 programs and 0 operations system. Size of the package seems to be the same as the original package. BTW all of the migrate packages are listed as Template Unknown.

This happening even without updating anything on the package. Just reboot after attaching the package and the package is broken. Technically I can use these packages after the migration, but not able to update any of them going forward.

I tested of creating and updating the new package and everything is working fine.

Please let me know how can I fix that issue?


PS I already posted under the comments on the Fling page, but not reply yet.



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