Not able to ping between VMs

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Hey guys,


I’ve upgraded to Fusion 11.5.6 yesterday and i’ve been having this issue: Not able to ping between 2 VMs.


Host is Catalina 10.15.6

Guest1 Windows 10 DEV

Guest2 Debian (Kali Linux 2020.3)


Both guests are on bridged network.

Firewall and Anti-virus is completely turned off on Windows 10 guest.

I can ping my host from both guests but not between them.

I tried flushdns on Windows 10 guest.

Windows 10 network is set to public.

Windows 10 ICMP request inbound and outbound are allowed.


It’s odd because I had no issue whatsoever before updating.


Please let me know if you need more informations


Thank you!

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