No storage replication adapters installed.

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i had setup an environment with evaluation licenses. vSphere 6.7 with SRM 8.2. A few weeks later, i added licenses and wanted to continue testing SRM, but it gave an error on the Storage Replication Adapters. On one site it says: No storage replication adapters installed.


I already removed the SRA adapter on the appliance and added it again. In the SRM appliance management i can see the SRA but when i go to the Site Recovery, it does not have a adapter? One site does have the adapter now, but the second doesn’t according to the site recovery interface (although the driver has been loaded in the appliance management).


Before the evaluation was over a few weeks ago, the SRA was available. I dit not check the SRA status before licensing, but it is a problem now. I already rebooted the appliances (SRM & VC) but still the SRA is unavailable. The other site has no issues with this….


I would appreciate any help finding the solution.


Thanks in advance.

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