NIC Teaming – IP Hash – Network link drops

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I’m trying to setup some new ESX hosts with IP Hash NIC teaming. They are HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers.

The hosts have 2-port 10Gb fiber NICs in them. The NIC is connected to the same physical switch (Cisco).


I have been trying to follow the documentation for IP Hash setup and it says it requires port-channeling on the switch, which makes sense.

But every time we enable the port channeling, the management network link to the host completely drops out (no link lights on NIC) with no communication working to the server, except for ILO. When we turn off the port-channeling, the network link comes right back up.


If port-channeling is required to make IP hash work then does anyone know why the network link keeps dropping?

Are there special commands needed to make this work on the switch side?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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