NFS 4.1 datastore gets renamed after reboot

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Hey folks,

I have configured a NFS datastore in vCenter (7.0) and mounted it to my ESXi host (7.0). Everything works out, no errors.

If I reboot my ESXi host, for some reason the mounted NFS datastore name changes. If it started as vm-nfs, it will be renamed to vm-nfs (1). If I reboot the host again, vm-nfs (1) will be renamed to vm-nfs (2). I see this line in the vmkernel log:


2020-10-20T00:38:42.528Z cpu7:526662 opID=f8b7fa6d)World: 12458: VC opID HB-SpecSync-host-28@0-68e5ef9c-5a-SWI-7c09267-df22 maps to vmkernel opID f8b7fa6d

2020-10-20T00:38:42.528Z cpu7:526662 opID=f8b7fa6d)NFS41: NFS41FSOpSetAttributes:986: Renaming volume "vm-datastore-nas01" to "vm-datastore-nas01 (1)"


But there aren’t any related logs that give any more hints. If anyone can point me in the right direction on what is going on or any additional logs to check, I’d really appreciate it!

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