New-SpbmRuleSet missing -Server attribute

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I prefer to set  Connect-VIServer to a variable and -NotDefault then then set the -Server attribute on any Get-* New-* cmdlets. E.G.

$viserver = Connect-VIServer -Server vc1 -Credential $cred -NotDefaultGet-VMHost -Server $viserver

However the New-SpbmRuleSet doesn’t have a -Server attribute but errors if there is not a Default connection set.

Working example but doesn’t limit to a specific vCenter.  Needs extra logic to ensure only one vCenter is in the default varriable.

Connect-VIServer -Server vc1 -Credential $cred New-SpbmRuleSet -AllOfRules $rules

Prefered code but fails with unkown -Server attribute

$viserver = Connect-VIServer -Server vc1 -Credential $cred New-SpbmRuleSet -Server $viserver -AllOfRules $rules

Is there a work-around although this looks like an over-sight in the cmdlet?

Otherwise anyone know how to report a bug / feature request for PowerCli so that I can register an interest in having the -Server attribute added to the New-SpbmRuleSet cmdlet.

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