New Note8 and keep getting the console has been disconnected alert on vSphere Mobile Watchlist app.

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I just recently got a new Note8. With the vSphere Mobile Watchlist app I can view my hosts, vms, everything. However when I go to attempt to launch the console I keep getting the alert. “The console has been disconnected. Close this window and re-launch the console to reconnect.”


I know it is not the ports because I had an iphone 6s plus and that was working fine to connect and view the console when I traded it in day before yesterday. Then I had my colleague with his iphone 6 plus test it with his this morning and it launched the consoles fine. I am out of options is this an issue in the android version or is there something I am overlooking?


It is not the end of the world because I still have my laptop, but it is nice when I am called out at 2 in the morning to just rollover, login to the vms,  and reset an application then go back to sleep.


We are using vcenter – vsphere client v5.5 for desktop.

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