New computer no longer passes through printers

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Hi All,


Having an issue with one of my clients. We recently swapped his old desktop for a new laptop. When we did we reinstalled Horizon as per instructions from the third party who host the VMs. I believe the version is 2006 as the instructions said go to the download page and just click download. He is able to login and work on the remote VMs but he no longer has any of his printers. His colleague is still using her old PC and gets the printers fine. They are network printers and are using the same universal printing driver.


We contacted the third party but they tell us the issue is with the laptop and so is not their problem. They won’t give me any further information or assistance. The VMs are severely locked down and are on another network so I am unable to do any diagnostics from that end. All I have to go on is the software and configuration on the laptop. Since that is what has changed then I guess the problem does lie there but I’m not really sure where to look since this is the first time using the software (Sorry if it’s a bit vague!).



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