Nested virtualization with Workstation Pro 15.0.2

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I want to have nested virtualization and i dont know if there is a special configuration to get this running. Does anyone has some knowledge about that use case? Can anyone help?


My setup looks like this:

  • A physical device with Win10 x64 with Workstation Pro 15.0.2 (This version is mandatory) installed
  • A VM inside this workstation also with Workstation Pro 15.0.2 (This version is mandatory) installed


Inside this VM i want to create nested VMs. This runs at the first step, but i recognized some performance issues. At the moment i can`t address them.

The Workstation Pro installation shows also a popup/dialog mentioning that running nested vm can result in a “degraded performance”.


Does anybody know which configuration has to be made to be able to run this nested VMs? Whats the cause for this degraded performance? Ist there any documentation for it?

Or do I have to buy a special product/license?


Any information could be helpful. Feel free to ask, if you need more information!

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