Need assistance moving the VCSA 6.7 to a new network IP and domain

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I’ve posted about this before but have since made some changes in anticipation of this part:


So far, I’ve upgraded the VCSA to 6.7U3 (from 6.5), I’ve introduced the new management network into the environment (with a vDS port group available for it), I’ve opened FW rules up from the new IP of the VCSA to all the hosts (any port), and I’ve reserved the new IP and new DNS name on the new network:


Current Configuration:

VCSA 6.7:; Subnet A

ESXi 1/2/3: esxi[1/2/3]; Subnet A


Target Configuration:

VCSA 6.7:; Subnet B

ESXi 1/2/3:; Subnet A


I tried to move the VCSA using the following steps from a post on this page but ran into a few issues…

1) Backup the Vcenter config. You can do that inside the VAMI by connecting to FTP server.

2) Add an extra network adapter to the vcenter applicance

3) go into the VAMI and assign the new ip address to the newly added Adapter.

4) Add new record in the DNS.

5) Log into the vcenter with the new ip

6) Remove the old network adapter and restart the vcenter appliance

7) After  restart go to DCUI and change the management network IP for the vcenter appliance .


The pings stopped on the old IP and the new IP picked up, but it was slow to start all services, and eventually, I tied to log in and got an error (Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service) where it was looking for the old URL:443.


How can successfully I move my VCSA to a new IP, with a new hostname, new domain and new network?  What am I missing?

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