Name Resolution (DNS) doesn’t work for internal LAN addresses from Guest machines (always resolves to

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Good morning.

The name resolution from inside my guest VMs is not working.

ping on any non-internet-existing address resolves to

For instance, inside one vm, trying to ping another:

   C:>ping win7dev

   Pinging win7dev.local [] with 32 bytes of data:


A ping from the Host works:

   C:>ping win7dev

   Pinging win7dev [] with 32 bytes of data:



My setup:  (I work from home so this is a very simple network)

     Windows 8.1 Home

     VMWare Workstation 11.1.2

     Time Warner Cable through a Netgear AC1750 WiFi Cable Modem

     Bridged networking with Physical Network Replicated


This page would seem to be useful but the resolution did not help:


The only solution VMWare Support is offering is to hard code all my VM’s IPs and setup hosts files everywhere.

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