Mysterious Console Sessions

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HorizonPool.jpgHorizon 7.11 – Automatic Linked Clone Pool – Windows 10 1909


I previously posted this but I had no discussion at all, and maybe because it sounds crazy or was not understood, so this time I am including an image, becasue  a picture is worth a thousand words! Notice in the pic, there are four console sessions to various desktops. They are all from the local administrator, and all were started at the same time. I have no idea what causes this. No one is using the console for these desktops. The console is only used to login to the golden image. The only way to get rid of these sessions are to restart the desktop. Logging off the user is not available for these.  When I look back through the event logs for this date, I can only see the last time that I restarted the machines in order to kill the sessions. The start of these sessions is not recorded in the event log, but they occur a few hours after I restart the machines. I am going to reboot these this evening. I am pretty sure they will be re-connected tomorrow.

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