Multiple vcsa 6.7 to 7.x upgrades…which one first, best way to rename them?

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We have 2 vcsa 6.7 instances: Production and DR.

They run on separate stacks of equivalent hardware; namely, 6x esxi 6.7 hosts in each site.

Each cluster is vsan enabled; each vcsa is a vm on their respective vsan.

The vcsa’s used to be v6.0, and had external PCS. I migrated each to 6.7, with no external PCS.

All hosts are capable of being upgraded to the latest 7.x esxi version.

We mainly log into the prod vcsa, and we can see both the prod and dr vcsas in the UI.


So, my questions are:

1. Does it matter which vcsa I upgrade first?

2. I want the upgraded vcsa to be named the same as the current one. Do I rename the current one first, and name the new one correctly during install? I can’t really tell from the documentation.



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