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Hey Guys,


Im having an absolute nightmare, I have a VM that is stating that path/osname-vmware-amd64-000011.vmdk is missing however when I look at that location the file does seem to exist so I’m not sure if this is corrupt,




I can show workstation where the file is by means of browsing to it



Which initially looked good as the vm starts to fire up but is then quickly prompts the following error




I think the complications are due to me having multiple snapshots and having to previously reverted.


I do have live snapshots that I could revert to. however when I try that I just get another error stating the file couldnt not be located…




Is there anyway to recover from this as this VM currently has my OSCP course that Im working on and loosing that data would set me back 3 months woth of training its really not an option for me. Failing that is there anyway I can pul the user documents data from the files ?


The problem I then have is that I dont really know where to start due to the amount of files ???


Please can anyone save my ass here ?

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