Moving from Standard to Distributed Switch

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We will be moving from Standard to Distributed Switch in our virtual environment. My concern is around vCenter. We have 1 vCenter for each of our 2 data centres and they manage the other data centre (cross site). This was already in prior to me joining but it gives visibility of the environment if the data centre is partially down. If there is going to be a large downtime we can then easily move the esxi hosts/vms to the vCenter that is still up (remove and add to inventory). Easy


But when we go to DVS from my reading up on it this wont be achievable as the DVS configuration are on the vCenter so you cant easily move ESXi/VMs between vCenters. What is the best way to over come this. Would it be vCenter HA? We are running 6.7 as well


Also to add the reason we are moving to DVS is because the environment will be moving to Cisco ACI



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