Mouse stuck in top left corner of VM created from Windows XP Mode VHD on Windows 7 Professional x64

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I’m a new vmware user (as far as creating a vm is concerned). I have an old laptop running windows 7 professional x64 that I use for running legacy automobile diagnostic software. I am trying to create a working windows xp vm starting from a windows xp mode vhd. I got the idea to do this from this article, Using Free Windows XP Mode as a VMware Virtual Machine. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as easy as it looks.


First, I found that vmplayer no longer will import a vhd, so I installed VCSC. Of course, VCSC no longer supports vhd. I found this article, How to create a VM from a XP-mode VHD, which worked. In case anyone wants to do this, I found this article, Creating a Workstation virtual machine using existing VMDK virtual disks (2010196), to be helpful.


My latest problem is that the vm will boot, but it’s almost unusable because the mouse is stuck in the top left corner of the display. I understand there are some tools that are supposed be installed to improve the mouse, but I can barely do anything on the vm with the mouse stuck. There is nothing wrong with the physical mouse. I have several other vmware vms and they work fine. I searched and did not find a solution to this problem. I’d really appreciate if someone who has solved it would help me out.


I’m using the latest version of vmware workstation.


Thanks in advance.

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