Mouse lags heavily on Linux x86 client

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I have a x86 box with Ubuntu 16.04 installed. The only client working here is 3.5.0 build 2999900. Other clients disconnect immediately when trying to open remote desktop.


The problem with this working client is the mouse. It lags almost always. For example when moving mouse pointer over desktop icons the selection moves from one icon to another with almost a second delay.


But sometimes mouse works just perfect. Remote desktop processes mouse movements with no delay at all. But this cases are very rare. I tried everything to figure out when it works but failed.


This looks like hi DPI mouse problem described here High DPI mouse causes Horizon performance issues (mouse lag exceeding 45 seconds) – Mac and Windows I have a 3600 DPI laser mouse but it lags just the same when switched to 400 DPI. And another simple mouse lags as well.


Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Everything else works great.


Remote desktop Windows 10.

Internet by wire about 120 Mbps

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