Migration between isolated ESXi/vCenter environments (active snapshots)

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We are migrating an active isolated sandbox environment (AD authentication, internal DNS, Exchange, Solarwinds, SQL, as well as some RH Linux 6.4 servers) from one ESXi/vCenter environment to another. This migration will all be offline as both environments are isolated. We have read and reviewed the documentation related to this process, but there is one item which cannot find any direct information on.


Prior to any major changes (including patch updates) we make snapshots of the virtual servers. For folks that have done offline migrations such as this, does it help to remove the snapshots before making the OVF?  We have a back and forth between some of the team about whether or not the presence may cause an issue at the migration end site. 


All hosts within the source and target environments are running the same version/build of ESXi 6.5, and all of the servers in both locations are the same Compatibility – ESXi 6.5 (VM Version 13)


Thanks for the assist!



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