Migrate Windows 6.0 Vcenter to 6.7 Appliance for Horizon View env

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Hello, We need to Migrate our Windows Vcenter server (6.0) to the VCA Appliance (6.7).


Ive been reading up on the Vcenter Appliance Migration tool that seems somewhat easy to use.  But we have Horizon View 7.12 and i cant seem to find info if there is anything i should be worried about or need to do extra, or for that matter if we should not use the migration tool and go about it a different way.

The info on the Migration tool makes it sounds like VDI would not even realize its a new vcenter, but it doesnt seem to talk about VDI.  So ide like to confirm that the migration tool is compatible with Horizon View Environments



More info on what we have

Vcenter is Windows running latest version of 6.0

Esxi Hosts are also 6.0 latest version

Horizon View is version 7.12

We have a mixture of Linked Clones with dedicated assignments and floating, plus small handful of full desktops.

Internal and External Connection server, plus Security servers. 


The main reason for the migration, we are getting a new vXrail Cluster, This requires Vcenter 6.7, plus its time to upgrade vcenter.


What we would like to do is upgrade Vcenter to 6.7 Appliance which would still control the Current cluster of esxi hosts at 6.0.  Then add the new vXrail Cluster into Vcenter.

Then we can bring up new pools on the vXrail cluster and migrate users over to the new pools. 


Hopefully all that made sense. 

Thanks for any input


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