Migrate vSphere 7 Host from vSS to vDS with PowerCLI 12

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Question for LucD,


What is the latest/preferred way to migrate a vSphere 7 host from a vSS to a vDS with PowerCLI v12?


Adding the host to the vDS (using ‘Add-VDSwitchVMHost‘) works, but then it gets disconnected trying to migrate vmnics0 & 1 (using ‘Add-VDSwitchPhysicalNetworkAdapter‘) and the management vmk0 (using ‘Set-VMHostNetworkAdapter‘)?.


I think it is a timing issue, as I am executing the commands in sequence and all at once. I would post my test script, but it is right ‘dogs breakfast’


I am 99.5% confident that it is not an underlying network issue (it is a nested lab), as it successfully migrates using the vCenter Server vDS ‘Add and Manage Hosts‘ wizard.


Any advice/pointers will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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