Migrate VMs to new datastore with snapshots

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I have ESXi 7.0 installed on a new server

  • Client version: 1.34.0
  • Client build number: 15603211
  • ESXi version: 7.0.0
  • ESXi build number: 16324942


I have an iSCSI datastore with a bunch of VMs from my old server which ran ESX 6.0. If I connect the iSCSI to the new server and register the VMs and run them, they work just fine.


I no longer want to use the iSCSI datastore, I want to retire it and use a local datastore instead. However, any attempt I’ve made so far to copy the VMs to the new datastore has not worked. The files copy over, but when I try to power on the VM I get this error:

  • Key: haTask-19-vim.VirtualMachine.powerOn-2961284483
  • Description: Power On this virtual machine
  • Virtual machine: Web_Server
  • State: Failed – Unable to enumerate all disks.
  • Errors: Unable to enumerate all disks. The specified feature is not supported by this version.


I do not have a vCenter or a vMotion license, and I cannot find any kind of “migrate” option in the vSphere web UI. Is the any way at all that I can migrate the VMs to the new datastore and preserve their snapshot history? I don’t understand why copying all the files over doesn’t work.

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