Migrate Two DataStores to One DataStore Cluster

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I have two separate datastores for VMS (VMs1 and VMs2). Both are external NAS (RAID 10) devices and they are the exact same size. All of my VMs would fit on one of these, without an issue. 


I have two questions:


(1) does a DataStore Cluster work similarly to a Host Cluster, whereby if one of the datastores in the cluster fail, the remaining datastore(s) will run everything? Basically, does ESXi manage the redundancy?


(2) If #1 is true, if I attempt to make my two separate datastores into a DataStore Cluster does ESXi erase/wipe or otherwise is the VMs on each removed to make the cluster?  (Do I need to shut down all VMs and back them all up to an external device to create a DataStore Cluster?


Any input/feedback is greatly appreciated.



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