Managing RDM Disks in QE Environment

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Hello Folks,


I am a QE engineer working with DellEMC PowerMax Storage. We work on SAN environment quite often and provision our storage LUNs to ESXi.



Is there an way to manage (add/remove) RDM disk in bulk ?


My UseCases:

– Add 50+ Raw Device Mapping (RDM) Disks to a VM

– Remove 50+ Raw Device Mapping (RDM) disks from a VM

– List Available RDM Disks which are not mapped to any VM yet


From Unisphere GUI, we can only add RDM Disks one by one. I believe there is no support for Bulk add or remove.

We frequently bring down the array and add/delete LUNs from storage backend for our testing. This results in VM being inaccessible or unable to boot once shutdown, since it is not able to reach the stale RDM disks.


I did explore for options, Found a command to add 1 RDM disk via PowerCLI. But I was hoping if there is anything like a RDM Disk Manager, something which helps us in quickly Add/Remove RDM disks in bulk to a VM.


Can someone please help me here ?

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