MacOS 10.15.6, Fusion Transport (VMDB) error -14: Pipe connection has been broken

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Fusion 12 is still trying to load a kernel extension it seems. I get monitor errors upon boot up. It is trying to load ‘vmmon’ and errors, then throws “Transport (VMDB) error -14: Pipe connection has been broken” error afterwards.


I have uninstalled, reinstalled, re-dowloaded Fusion 12, plus both VMs I am trying to load. Nothing seems to work.


All system approvals have been completed in Privacy and Security. Still, nothing works.


I tried to manually load the vmmon.kext kernel extension, but MacOS would not allow it due to the read-only system partition.


Fusion 12 says is does not use kernel extensions, but the errors say different.


Can anyone help? I am about at my wits end on this one.



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