macOS 10.15.5 – VMware Horizon Client 5.4.2 – Spaces not updating

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I am running macOS 10.15.5 and VMware Horizon client 5.4.2.  I am connecting to a corporate Windows 10 image.  I run in Full Screen across three monitors.


I have my Mac set up to use Spaces, and each screen is its own Space.  I am also running three monitors on my iMac Pro.  If I change the Space on one monitor from the VMware Horizon Client and move it to the background, the screen on the VMWare client stops updating.


For example, if I move Screen #2 to a different Space at 10:00AM, Screen #1 and Screen #3’s clocks in Windows 10 both update because those screens are displayed.  Screen #2, when that Space is made active again, still shows 10:00AM, and the screen will not update.  Even if I hit Control-Alt-Del, the screen will not update.  Changing the VMware Horizon Client from Full Screen to something different such as Display in a Window or Display on a Single Screen both refresh the view and it begins working again.


I am not sure why the VMware Horizon Client does not refresh while on a different Space or why it doesn’t force a refresh or update when that Space is made active again.  But it is frustrating because I often work on dozens of apps and screens at the same time, shifting across monitors and Spaces, and this is the only app that seems to have issues refreshing when it is made active.


Has anyone else experienced this issue or is there a workaround available?

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