Login issues with TKGI CLI

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We’re running TKGI 1.8.1 and am having issues logging into the TKGI command line utility previously named PKS.


Error: Credentials were rejected, please try again.


I’ve tried accounts from the TKGI management console. I’ve tried all the accounts from the TKGI deployment metadata section. I’ve reviewed the documentation again and again, but nothing I am trying is working.


I understand from the documentation that you can create credentials to use from UAAC unfortunately I have been unable to use UAAC as from our OpsManager VM. accessing the TKGI API via uaac target command just results in:- (again I have tried every variation of syntax possible)


failed to access https://x.x.x.x:8443: system lib


I’ve tried the uaac commands with or without the https as both examples seem present in the documentation.


We’re using NSX-T2.5.0 with vSphere 6.73 in a vCF3.9.0 environment.

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