local http connection to guest system slow, https and connections from outside the host system are fine

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I have a laptop with a vmware workstation installation. A virtual machine is running on it and the two network interfaces of the host (WLAN and a RJ45-USB-Adapter) are used as bridged network interfaces. On the first’s subnet is a DHCP server and both host and guest system got their own individual IP addresses assigned by it. On the virtual machine runs a webserver on 80/http and 443/https.



When I browse on the webservice of the guest system with the host system’s browser it only runs flawless when the https connection is used and it stutters and runs into timeouts when addressed via http. Furthmore: When I use another network devices from within the same subnet – i.e. not from the host system – http and https connections run smoothly. Even when connected via a VPN ( Remote client to vpn client within the vmware system) it runs smoothly. Does anyone has an idea, what the cause may be?


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