Load balancer application rules for reverse proxy

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Hi all,


I’m having trouble getting the load balancer application rules to do what I need.  Our scenario is that we have multiple different https websites that arrive at the same IP address — for example, site1.x.y.com, site2.x.y.com, etc.  For each different site, I need to point it to a different internal server.  VMware documentation on this specific scenario seems to be limited, and I’ve tried a number of different rule iterations I’ve found around the web — for example, this is my most recent attempt that fails:


acl is_siteA hdr(Host) -i siteA.x.y.com

acl is_siteB hdr(Host) -i siteB.x.y.com

use_backend pool-A if is_siteA

use_backend pool-B if is_siteB


This fails with site can’t be reached for either server.  I’m not sure if there’s anything unique that needs to happen because this is https.  But nothing that I’m trying here seems to work.  Any insights into what I’m doing wrong would be appreciated!

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