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I am stuck on adding Open LDAP authentication on my vcenter.


vCenter was freshly installed as 6.7, and have been kept updated.

1. Added certificates to the trusted certificate store in vcenter.

2. Going thru add Open LDAP in vcenter, hit ADD, and just getting an error message:


“Check the network settings and make sure you have network access to the identity source.”


Did some debugging, and checked with tcpdump, and I observed that vcenter didn’t even try to do DNS lookup, or tried to contact my server.

Did some browser debugging, and got a more explaining error message when debugging the https messages:

“A vCenter Single Sign-On service error occurred”


If I do LDAP instead of LDAPS, it is working perfect. But, my LDAP server don’t allow plain text LDAP (security policy).


Right now, I am not able to add LDAP identity source to my vCenter.


Hope someone have experienced similar, and got it solved.





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