Keyboard input not being detected when trying to access UEFI settings.

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So I’m following the Fling for Raspiberry Pi instructions downloaded from the ESXi Arm Edition | VMware Flings  site.

I’ve updated the Pi’s firmware through the PI OS update process and have copied over the RPi firmware boot folder (minus the kernel files), and UEFI folder contents to a mSD card.

When the RPi boots to the splash screen I can’t hit escape to access the UEFI settings. The keyboard inputs are not detected. In fact, the keyboard itself isn’t getting any power.


I’ve tried several mSD cards, different keyboards and am even running the keyboard through a powered USB hub.


Has anyone come across this and can suggest any fixes?


I’ll attempt to hook in through serial in a couple of days when I can get my GPIO to serial USB adapter back but until then am stuck with HDMI and USB keyboard.

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