Jumbo Frames – ESXi 6.7 U3 and other questions

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Hello all,


Need some advice:

I will have 2 pnics (2x 25Gb) connected to a vDS where i have to pass management traffic, vMotion and vSAN. I will need to enable Jumbo frames.


My questions are:

1 – I will set the dVS MTU to 9000 and all the vmkernels to 9000 or the management vmkernel i’ll set it to 1500?


2 – If for some reason i need to create a new vmkernel for iSCSI traffic on that vDS, with the following configuration on the port groups:

     MGMT – Nic1 – active | Nic 2 – standby

     vMotion – Nic1 – active | Nic 2 – active

     vSAN – Nic1 – standby | Nic2 – active

     iSCSI – Nic1 – active | Nic 2 – standby

    Will i have issues, or with 25Gb will working fine?




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