join 2 private networks together into single network between two VMW hosts

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Hello guys, I have the following:

1 Host OS: I run there ‘Main VM’ without internet and ‘VPN VM’ which seeds (ICS) its VPN connection to the ‘Main VM’ via vmnet5 adapter (Host-only network, Connect a host is unchecked).

2 Host OS: ‘Main VM-2’ without internet connection. I would like to join into vmnet5, which is managed by VMW on 1st Host.


Both VMV hosts connected into the same wifi network.

Could anyone suggest the most convenient approach? I imagine the solution could be pretty damn easy, but it could be also running a dedicated VM to create bridge, use local VPN, use direct ethernet cable or 2 wifi adapters to create private link. I know only the headlines of these methods but haven’t tried anything. Please advise.

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