Jabra Heads and other USB Audio Devices in Horizon Best Practice

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So we are doing more and more virtual meetings and we needed to improve our audio quality when people join meetings with Teams, Skype, Zoom and anything else. We found that the Hardware Audio Canceling just doesn’t work when connected to our Horizon VDI Clients. Echo is awful. When the you connect to these meetings from the physical computerthin client, they sound fine using the built in speaker and Mic. So as a work around we started handing out Jabra Engage 65 headsets to combat the Audio feedback.


My question to the community is how are you deploying the software that goes with these headset. For instance Jabra Express in this case. I was installing them on the Thin Client (TC), but then the software doesn’t recognize that Teams and other meeting software are installed. I tried Installing the software on the Thin Client but that requires USB redirection in the Horizon Client to work. The headset is found but sometimes the Headset isn’t discovered by windows and the meeting software as an audio device. Though Jabra Express sees the headset and can apply firmware updates and configuration changes.


The other issue we run into is that we want day to day computer notifications to go through the PC speakers but communication software apps to go through the headset. I am finding it’s usually one or the other and has to be defaulted on the TC side. The promise of VDI simplifying our environment is falling flat new with the requirement of enhanced Audio and Video capabilities. Are others having this issue too? What is the best configuration for this new modern remote workforce and conferencing tools?

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