I've recently upgraded to VMware Fusion 11.5 (required due to an OS upgrade on Mac, Catalina) and I've installed windows 10 on VMware Now my usb drive is not recognized by VMware. Is this a Mac problem, a VMware problem or a Windows 10 Problem?

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I have recently upgrade my Mac OS to Catlina, which then required me to upgrade my VMfusion to 11.5.   After doing so and getting Windows 10 reinstalled in VMware I’ve discovered the USB drive is not being recognized by the VMware/windows environment.  I’ve been in setting of VMware and under USB settings the box is checked to ask what to do with the USB drive.  But I’m not being asked when a usb drive is plugged in, it just loads on the Mac.


Any suggestions would be a big help, I’ve read several posts about this issue, but none were specific to 11.5.   And solutions presented if the other versions haven’t seemed to work or I’ve not implemented them in the correct order. 


Thanks for any suggestions,

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