Issues having Apple Configurator 2 on two different Macs?

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I hope the community has a potential clear answer to a configuration question since VMWare’s support hasn’t been very helpful. We currently supervise all iOS devices using an iMac with Apple Configurator 2 which puts the device into an automated enrollment staging group. Recently, there was some worry about this iMac and we looked up how to migrate the Apple Configurator and all its blueprints/profiles over to a MacBook Pro:


Preserve or migrate data for Apple Configurator 2 – Apple Support


This process went smoothly and it looked like devices could be wiped, supervised and enrolled on the new machine without a problem. A need came up to supervise and deploy a device and the old iMac was used for that device, but for some reason the iPad couldn’t be enrolled. The process we used was exactly the same: apply blueprint, device gets erased and supervised, load up device with wifi (or use cellular), apply configuration, set passcode, and then the Hub downloads automatically. Once Hub is downloaded, usually we load it up, hit “I understand” on the usual legal stuff and then login as the intended end user (directory account or Airwatch user account). This time around, the Hub starts up and goes straight to a login page, almost as if something didn’t load correctly. After this happens, we are unable to log into any kind of account, directory or not. The message is consistently “Invalid Credentials. Please check your login information and group Id and retry.” The device can be seen in Airwatch staged with our usual staging account and login to the self service portal with the account and password that was attempted works. The same process was tried then on a different iPad and an iPhone with the same result.


Negating the very real possibility of some kind of user error, it seems there is a certificate that might have expired somewhere or it’s a new version of the Hub that is causing a problem. All certificates that are known have been checked and all connections that can be tested have been tested. Could it be a conflict because we now have two Macs with the same blueprints? We are on Workspace ONE version (2007). If anyone has any insight at all it would be very much appreciated.



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