Issue with smx-providers on VMware 6.5 U3

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Hi VMware-Folks,


I ran into the following issue and want to try to get the VMware-View of the problem.

Maybe someone has run into the same issue:


We have serveral HPE DL360 Gen10 Servers, installed with the HPE cursomized Image: VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-Update3-14990892-HPE-Gen9plus-650.U3.


All share the same Issue: If we try to poll Status via WBEM, nothing returns, as if the package is not installed.

I could narrow it down to the following:


The WBEM-Provider List shows a stange “.#vmw_smx-provider” entry:


esxcli system wbem
provider list

Name                Enabled  Loaded

——————  ——-  ——

.#vmw_smx-provider     true    false

sfcb_base              true    true

vmw_base               true    true

vmw_hdr                true    true

vmw_hhrcwrapper        true    true

vmw_iodmProvider       true    true

vmw_kmodule            true    true

vmw_omc                true    true

vmw_pci                true    true

vmw_smx-provider       true    true

vmw_vi                 true    true


Looking at /var/lib/sfcb/registration gives:


-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root           112 Sep  3 13:38 loaded
drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root           512 Sep  3 13:37 repository
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          3513 Nov  1  2019 sfcb_base-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          4307 Nov  1  2019 vmw_base-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root           374 Nov  1  2019 vmw_hdr-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root           897 Nov  1  2019 vmw_hhrcwrapper-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          4220 Nov  1  2019 vmw_iodmProvider-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root           164 Nov  1  2019 vmw_kmodule-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root         15650 Jun 21  2019 vmw_omc-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          1550 Nov  1  2019 vmw_pci-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          1308 Sep  3 13:38 vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister
-r–r–r–    1 root     root          2898 Mar 15  2018 vmw_vi-providerRegister


However there is the hidden file mentioned above:


ls -l /var/lib/sfcb/registration/.#vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister
-r–r–r-T    1 root     root         77881 Aug  9  2019 /var/lib/sfcb/registration/.#vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister


This file shares the same bytesize on Gen9 Servers and obviously contains the HPE specific data.

If I overwrite the vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister with the contents from .#vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister the polling works as intended.

Until the next reboot or even just until restart of the mangagement network …


I found:


.. and tried to do use the Sticky Bit, but nothing kept the file from beeing overwritten with the default(?) version.


I also tried to downgrade the smx-provider package up to three versions and downgraded the whole management bundle in a separate attempt.

Nothing helped.


Gen9 Systems with the same image do not have that Issue at all. (as mentioned: there is just one vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister with the corrent and same bytesize as the .#vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister Version on the Gen10 systems)


Does someone have an Idea how to replace the vmw_smx-provider-providerRegister with the correct version and stick that version into the bootbank ?


Upgrading to 6.7 Ux will happen, but is currently not an option for a quick fix.

The mentioned systems are the only Gen10 servers in this environment.

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