Issue deploying vRNI 5.3.0 through vRSLCM

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Has anyone successfully deployed Network Insight v5.3.0 from vRSLCM 8.1? I get a failure on an infrastructure pre-validation check for available disk space, however the vSAN datastore being targeted has almost 80TB free (I’ve tried it thin and thick with the same result and to a smaller datastore also gives the same error). We have successfully deployed Identity Manager v3.3.0 and vRA v8.1.0 through vRSLCM to the same datastore.


The only thing different I can think of with vRNI v5.3.0 is it wasn’t supported initially with vRSLCM v8.1 but I added the product update pack from VMware Solution Exchange  to enable support for it. The v5.3.0 binaries mapped OK and every other validation check passes.


I’ve got a case open with VMware support but they’ve not provided much help so far (there are no vSAN health issues and the datastore is mapped to all hosts in the cluster). I’m going to import the vRNI v5.2.0 binaries shortly and will try to deploy from those instead, I was just curious if anyone had successfully deployed vRNI v5.3.0 fresh via vRSLCM v8.1 or if there’s something I’m missing as to why that’s not supported (VMware Product Interoperability Matrices  indicates to me it should be?).



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