iSCSI Configuration for Blade Servers

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We are new to iSCSI and are commissioning four new blade servers in a new blade chassis – each server has a mezzanine card with four nics connected to two iSCSI network cards (2 nics on one card and two on the other)


Basically how do we setup the iSCSI paths at ESXi level

We have single iSCSI VLAN (isolated to dedicated physical network cards)

iSCSI are single target IP addresses – so floating IP addresses for SAN pools


We were planning to


Create four iSCSI vmkernels – creating four iSCSI port groups with an individual IP address on the iSCSI VLAN for each – each vmkernel port group connected to a iSCSI vmnic and the other three iSCSI vmnics set as unused in teaming on the port group

The four iSCSI vmkernels bound to a single iSCSI software adaptor

Setting static targets


Just really is the best/right  set-up for this scenario

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