iSCSI and backup's traffic on the same switch

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Hello all,


I will have a storage system connected via iSCSI and it will be used only for backup’s repository. The iSCSI and backup network will be the same (VLANx). I will have 2 x10Gbit pnics.


For iSCSI, i will have iscsi-vmkernel1 assign to vmnic1 and iscsi-vmkernel2 assign to vmnic2, with port binding.


My questions are:

1 – for the backup traffic, on the iscsi/backups distributed switch (by the way, should i use standard or distributed?), i will have to create a port group tagged as VLANx, used for backup traffic and a 3rd vmkernel on each host, for that type of traffic, right?

2 – For iscsi traffic i will have a one to one relation, but beside that, for the port group (VLANx), for backup’s, i will have the two uplinks active on the teaming and failover options, right?




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