Is VPN between vmware machines in a host-only network possible?

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I’m did the following scenario: build a 3 machines topology for a Man In The Middle Attack. Got 2 Windows 10 VMs acting as client and server for a ftp connection and a Kali Linux to be the attacker. I configured the network adapter for all of them as a host-only and put them in same WMnet, the VMs received the same network IPs and I managed to simulate the attack .


Now, for the second part of my test, I want to connect the 2 PCs thru a VPN to see if it is possible to do the MITM attack over a VPN connection – (I assume is not but i want to try anyway for the learning experiment) but I’m having trouble to create the VPN between the 2 Windows VMs.


What I have tried is to use the build it windows 10 VPN (I configured the client VPN to connect with the IP of the server and defined incoming connection on the server to allow incoming connection from the client IP). Unfortunately the VPN doesn’t connect, and I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or it’s not possible with the Windows VPN or is not possible at all.


Can anyone tried this or knows if it is possible to do this in a VM host-only network? If it is, what do I need to change?


Thank you

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