Is there any possibility to deploy VM from template not from Content-Library?

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Hi guys,

I require your assistance with one question.


Here is my situation:

I am writing a java application that can manage vSphere VMs (run/start/stop ets).

Application use vSphere REST API for VMs management.

I already support run instances from ISO-images and from templates that stored in Content-Library, but it is very important to support run VMs from templates, that not in Content-Library.

I already spent three days to investigate this possibility, but I can’t find the solution. REST API is not support (as I see) these templates, SOAP API is not acceptable.


So my question:

Is there any possibility to deploy template(not from library) using vSphere REST API? Available vSphere version is 6.5 and 6.7.


Best regards, Serhii.

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