Is it possible to either get ESXi 7 working with Intel 82576 network controller, or possible to still get a trial of ESXi 6.7?

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Hello, I recently signed up for a 60 day trial of the Product Evaluation Center for VMware vSphere 7.0. I have never used vSphere before, and am trying to learn it to expand my employment opportunities.


I have a Supermicro H8DGU-F, which has the Intel 82576 network controller. The server also has the Intel Gigabit ET2 Quad Port Server Adapter, and has the model E1G44ET2BLK listed on the label. Searching for that model brings up an page for the ET2, and if it is the correct page for this model (“E1G44ET2BLK” is nowhere on the page, in spite of it being one of the top results when using it as the search term), then it also uses the Intel 82576 network controller.


During setup, I see the following errors:
nfs41client failed to load

vmfs3 failed to load

Util: 1338: Failed trying to get a valid VMKernel MAC address: not found […] Add/configure VMKernel NICs


If I am interpreting the results of searching the VMware Compatibility Guide for “82576”, this hardware will support only up to ESXi 6.7. Am I correct?


Assuming I cannot run ESXi 7, I guess I’d like to try the newest compatible version. I cannot find where to register to evaluate vSphere 6.7. Is it still possible to do this?


Looking forward to any assistance that can be provided. Thank you.

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